9 Basketball Movies To Watch Instead Of March Madness

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In one of the strangest pop culture paradoxes known to be true, you don't have to love sports to love sports movies. I, for one, have never been able to sit through a football game, and yet I’ve seen Remember the Titans more times than I can count. The same goes for basketball. Even if courtside cheering isn’t your thing, you can still appreciate the pace, fury, and half-court shots in cinematic form.
That’s what’s so great about sports movies. These films inject the energy of sports into fictional story lines and compelling characters. Basketballs aren’t the only things that swerve. Plots do, too. And, while basketball game sequences are thrilling, there’s more to characters than their ability to dribble a ball. In basketball movies, we get a glimpse beyond the jersey.
So, if brackets are too much of a commitment for you, fear not: You can get your dose of sports from Netflix, not ESPN.

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