The 10 Best Sports Movies For People With Zero Interest In Sports

Today is the 15 anniversary of Remember the Titans (2000), a classic football movie. But more importantly, it's a classic sports film that even the most athletically disinterested person can enjoy. I, for instance, have watched this film approximately 150 million times, and I still have no idea what their obviously inspirational "left side, strong side" chant is all about. Is the left side of a football field the one where you score the goals? Are the best football players all left-handed? Or maybe this is implying their left side is weak, and the strength of their right side is so intense, that it doesn't need further labeling?
The good news is that you don't need to understand the chant to enjoy the film. You just need an appreciation for classic '60s songs and Denzel Washington's determined stare. And there are plenty more movies that can be found in the "sports film" section of your streaming platform of choice in which even the least-interested athletic individual among us will find something to enjoy.
Does it smell like team spirit in here? Yes, yes it does.

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