Google Maps Just Added Something That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Upcoming spring trips with friends just got a major upgrade thanks to Google Maps. Both iOS and Android versions of the app are getting a new location sharing feature, that lets you share where you are with specific individuals in real-time.
This means that if you’re running late to a party or can’t find a friend on the streets of Rome, you can simply share your location and the other person will know where you are and when you’ll arrive. Just tap the side menu button in the app or choose the blue dot (which shows up on the map to indicate your location), choose the “share your location” option that shows up, and select how long you’d like to share for and with whom. You can also get a link to send to friends via text.
If you want someone to know your ETA while you’re in navigation mode, you can access the same sharing option by tapping “more.”
Real-time location sharing is a nice addition to the travel options that Google already has, including Google Trips, which keeps all your reservations in one place and includes creative sightseeing itineraries, and Destinations on Google, which helps you plan your trip from the start.
Whether you’re headed to Coachella or just running late to meet a friend for drinks post-work, location sharing is something you can use 24/7. But do so with caution. While you shouldn’t be paranoid, your location is personal information. Make sure you’re sharing with the right person — the last thing you want to do is accidentally select your ex from your contacts.

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