Remember When Mandy Moore Was A Pop Star?

These days, Mandy Moore is best known as This Is Us matriarch Rebecca Pearson. In addition to playing mom to the Big Three and wife to everyone's favorite mustached dad Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Rebecca is a singer — one who even went on a jazz club tour towards the end of the show's first season. While Rebecca's tour didn't end exactly as expected (basically, Jack got drunk and ruined the whole damn thing), the actress who plays Rebecca knows a thing or two about life on the road. In fact, Moore used to have a tour bus with her own face on it.
Just in case you blocked the late '90s from your brain, Moore was once a platinum blonde bubblegum pop star. While she didn't quite reach the clout of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, her music was definitely on the same wavelength. (She even opened for NSYNC!) Moore certainly hasn't forgotten her roots: she just shared an epic picture of her early songstress days on Instagram, and if you know all the words to "Candy," you may just lose your mind.
She wrote:
"There was a flood at my parents house and it forced them to go through everything and figure out what to keep and what to toss. It also meant that I inherited a TON of old photos from my childhood (so be prepared for more tbts and fbfs), including this gem. Guys, there was once a minivan with my silly face plastered on the side to promote my first single, "Candy". This was most certainly taken while on the road, opening up for *NSYNC on their amphitheater tour in the summer of '99 (and by open I mean we were on a tiny, rickety side stage performing for folks as they walked through the gates, not on the main stage)."
As someone who once owned Moore's 1999 album So Real, I absolutely cherish this Instagram.
Fortunately, Moore eventually added acting to her resume, which is when we got movies like A Walk To Remember, Saved!, and The Princess Diaries — not to mention her current stint on This Is Us. Still, it's not like Moore has given up on music entirely. In 2016, she stated that she was ready to get back into music — though that was before her time on a hit series. Of course, there's one place we'll always be able to hear her voice: when she's in character on This Is Us.

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