This Prosecco-Flavored Nail Polish Has A Lot Of People Buzzing Right Now

There’s nothing quite like sipping on a glass of Champagne while picking out the polish color for your weekly manicure. Even if you’re doing this in the comfort of your own apartment, there's something about a little bubbly that always makes the struggle of painting your non-dominant hand much easier (or, if nothing else, a little more fun). Now, instead of having to shell out money for nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot, Groupon is doubling up on the whole nail painting experience with something totally unexpected: prosecco-flavored polish.
Photo: Courtesy of Groupon.
That's right. Instead of waiting for happy hour, you can recreate the crisp feeling of your favorite sparkling wine right there on your fingertips — all the way down to the taste. And while it's entirely unconventional — and yes, a little bizarre — the sparkly yellow polish really does embody the drink. Not only does it look just like a fizzing glass of the alcoholic beverage (thanks mostly to its metallic chunks of gold glitter), but it's also scented to resemble it, too. The company even claims you can lick the polish — though we definitely wouldn't recommend that. And if you think the concept is complete bogus, know this: The formula is actually infused with real prosecco.
In the video advertisement above, the product is touted as a “zero calorie sparkling varnish” that tastes and smells like it’s the real deal. (Again, we wouldn't recommend guzzling this stuff.) But before you get too excited, the Prosecco Polish is only available to fans with a U.K. address starting this Mother's Day and is not for sale online or in-store anywhere in the U.S. To get your hands on it, you have to enter a Groupon contest by clicking “buy” and filling out the sweepstakes’ guidelines. While we do think this is a playful way to celebrate the holiday, you won’t catch us sucking on our fingers anytime soon to catch a buzz. (Though, we might reconsider for a Rosé version.)
Prosecco Polish will launch on Groupon in May, but you can enter to win a free bottle right now here.
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