This Viral Hashtag Is Hilariously Dragging The White House

If you've ever had the urge to make a mixtape (or, okay, Spotify playlist) that captures the vibe of These Dark Times, you now have one more source of inspiration than you used to.
Twitter has taken the hashtag #WhiteHousePleaseHoldSong — which, true to its description, imagines what the White House phone line plays when you're waiting on hold — and run off with it to new, ridiculous, and often downright dark pastures. We're not sure what the actual White House hold music is, but something tells us it's not most of these songs.
It all started when Huffington Post Comedy put out a call for creative submissions.
There was a deluge of responses that range from hilarious to mean to seriously cray. Plus, we were treated to some well-chosen GIFs.
What do you get when you combine a balls-to-the-wall White House, a random-ass hashtag, and a whole bunch of people who are really, really disappointed in their government?
Lest you think everyone using this hashtag was there to vent about Trump and co., there were at least a few neutral or positive tweets.
Wonder if George Costanza would approve?
The lone tweets that didn't get the memo. They're a bit like the small group of Trump supporters standing on the sidelines at the Women's March.

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