So This Is Why A $10,000 Burger Exists

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We all have our splurges. Where some people prefer to drop serious moolah on a pricey handbag, others part ways with their wallets in favor of luxury beauty products. But would you ever shell out serious cash for something you could only use once — or, rather, only eat once? It's the question I ask myself every time I hear a story about the world's most expensive ice cream sundaes (haven't the tasters heard of any of these delicious alternatives?) or a $500 pizza. I'm happy to drop money on food — I mean, we need it to live, and boy, is it fun — but there's a limit...and, really, what the hell is the point? Well, when it comes to the world's priciest burger, we now know.
According to Grub Street, the world's most expensive burger actually exists for an important reason — it's not just an easy way to blow through thousands of dollars. The $10,000 burger, which is sold in Dubai at Le Gourmet in the city’s Galeries Lafayette mall, is a charity endeavor. According to the report, the burger was sold during an auction situation in order to beat out a record set by the $7,000 burger sold by the Pink Caravan team. Pink Caravan is an organization that raises awareness for breast cancer and the need for early detection, and their expensive sandwich beat out a $5,000 burger sold in Las Vegas.
As for what the burger consists of, it's actually not terribly lavish — but it will make you really, really full. There are a whopping seven patties on top this burger, as well as cheddar and veal bacon. Definitely fancier than what you'd get at, say, your average drive-thru, but there's no diamond ring hidden in the brioche bun.
So who's the owner of this prized burger? Her name is Asma Al Fahim, a businesswoman who founded the European International College for Hotel Management and Tourism. Let's hope she's also a big burger gal.

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