All The iOS 11 Rumors You Need To Know About

We've been hearing about iPhone 8 rumors for months, and while we likely won't get confirmation on anything until September, there are other rumors that will be shot down or substantiated in just a few months.
Apple's industry event, the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) is set to take place June 5 to June 9 in San Jose, CA. It's here that developers, and the rest of us mere iPhone mortals, get a first look at what's coming in the newest iteration of iOS, iOS 11. While it won't formally roll out until the new iPhones are released — if Apple sticks to its usual release schedule — we'll get a sneak peek at everything to look forward to.
Last year, this meant new messaging effects including digital touch and emoji suggestions. What could be coming for 2017? Below, a look at some of the rumors that are swirling.
Screenshot Alerts
Before you freak out, know that this rumor was one that was started on and fueled by the Twitter-mill. If it were true, it would mean that someone (say, your maybe boyfriend) would know when you took a screenshot of a cryptic text to send to a friend for insight. But again, Twitter rumors have a tendency to spin out of control with little substantiation.
Group FaceTime
Multiple sources are predicting that Apple may finally allow you to FaceTime with more than one person. This would make it sense if it wants to compete with similar video-chat interfaces like Google Hangouts, which support up to nine people in a video call, and Skype, which supports up to 25 (!) people in a group call. It's unlikely that FaceTime will support as many as Skype, but even having the option to chat with two or three people at once would be a welcome change.
Dark Mode
Dark Mode is different from Night Shift, which is what's currently available on your phone and helps to reduce blue light emission. Dark Mode doesn't just shift the color of your screen — it makes your entire background dark. Essentially, turning it on would make your messages and other settings tab look more similar to your clock app.
Split Screen
Given that most of us are reading articles from Facebook already, a split screen functionality would be very useful. It would let us load text on the bottom half of the screen and play a video, show an image, or display more text on the upper half of the screen. In this way it would be like having multiple windows open, one next to the other, on your laptop.
Other rumors include changes to Siri and a guest mode that would enable multiple users for a single phone. YouTube channel MyApple created a concept video showing what some of these changes could look like. Check it out below but keep in mind — this really is just a conceptual look, and we won't know for sure what we'll get or how it will look until Apple (hopefully) spills the beans in June.
We'll continue to update this page as new rumors spread.

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