This Mom Had A Genius Trick For Getting Alone Time From Her Baby

When you become a parent, you can pretty much say goodbye to your privacy — and any "alone time" you may have had. But one mom had a pretty genius way of distracting her baby long enough to get some undoubtedly much-needed peace.
In a post to Maternidarks, an online community of moms based in Chile, one mom shared her creative trick for getting a little time away from her toddler. The mom, who wanted to remain anonymous, posted a photo of her baby sitting next to a pair of jeans, filled into a pair of shoes.
"My baby is going through that stage in which when I’m out of his sight, he starts crying, and I need to make lunch!" she wrote in the caption. "He doesn’t want me to hold him or to play with him, he just NEEDS to know that I’m beside him, he doesn’t even look at me at the eyes, only turns around to check that me (or my leg) is indeed, there.'"
"I find myself in the necessity to fill up a pair of jeans, put my shoes and that was it!" she continued.
Fortunately, her idea seems to have worked.
"I already made lunch and went to the bathroom a couple of times," she wrote.
"I studied every detail, if you look carefully, even my 'feet' are separated because he sometimes goes between my legs to play."
Attention to detail, indeed.
Because as great and rewarding as motherhood is, it's not easy — and she's not the only mom who has needed a little bit of quiet time away from the kids. Whether you just want to pee in peace or if you need just one second to yourself, kids somehow always have the worst timing.
Hats off to this relatable mom for some serious creativity.

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