This Mom’s Viral Video Sums Up Motherhood

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
You know the scene in This Is 40 when Leslie Mann’s character barges in on Paul Rudd’s in the bathroom only to find him not going to the bathroom and instead playing a game of Scrabble on his iPad? “Why is your instinct to escape?” she asks, pissed. According to pretty much all my friends with kids, this is “classic parent behavior.” Ashley Gardner, Utah-based internet star and mother of quadruplets, consciously or subconsciously, took her cues from the movie in a new video she posted on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday that has since gone viral. Gardner was alone in the house with her kids while her husband was shoveling snow outside, and she decided she needed a break. She filmed herself as she hid out in the pantry and snacked on a Twizzler, as you do. “Mom desperately needed a treat to get through the rest of the night. So I’m hiding in the pantry, eating a treat. Is that wrong?” she asked into the camera. All the while, her kids can be heard in the background calling for her. They don’t ever go away. “They want everything you have,” she says shaking her Twizzler at the camera. In the last shot, the camera pans to the floor and one of Gardner’s four kids can be seen peering under the doorway. “See? She’s always there!” Gardner exclaims before the girl repeatedly and adorably says “Hi” to the camera. Judging by the over one million views this got on YouTube, we’re going to guess this video resonates with people.

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