What Is Going On In This Picture Of DJ Khaled's Son On A Car?

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images.
DJ Khaled has always been a guy with a vision. A very unique, self-motivating, and Snapchattable vision. As much as I find myself irked by his constant (and I mean CONSTANT) self-promotion and overused one-liners about being better than "them," I gotta admit that the 41-year-old is full of surprises.
His most recent passion — in addition to his career as a music mogul, entrepreneur, and provider of keys — is his four-month-old son, Asahd. Like most parents, Khaled's and his fiancé Nicole Tuck's world revolves around his mini-mogul, whose name means "Lion" in Arabic. Asahd constantly appears in Khaled's social media posts, on his album covers, and on top of his yellow Ferrari.
Yeah, that happened.
What is going on?! Whoever's idea this was... it's questionable at best. Asahd looks quite uncomfortable.
I'm not sure of the exact origin of the picture (I assume he shared it on his favorite app, Snapchat), but it's incredibly jarring and confusing to me (and the Internet) as to why it happened.
I guess Khaled saw a good picture opportunity and snatched it. But I wouldn't recommend anyone doing this with their offspring.
And if you think that picture is wild, then brace yourself for this nugget: Asahd is an executive producer on Khaled's tenth album, Grateful. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Khaled explains, deadpan, that his four-month-old son is "in the studio, listening to songs with me, going over the business part of it, if the vocals are right, if the beat is right, if the energy is right."
There really is no bond stronger than the one between a father and his son. Especially when your father is DJ Khaled.

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