Jane The Virgin Season 3, Episode 15 Recap: "Chapter Fifty-Nine"

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On tonight’s Jane the Flirt, love is in the air. Or is it? Tonight, everyone’s misreading the signs — except Abuela. She and Jorge have their love life covered, and she even had me thinking mini golf is romantic, too. This episode was great. I think it’s one of the strongest since Michael’s death, and for the first time since, it felt more like the Jane the Virgin I fell in love with, and less like a sad (but still so good) version of Jane the Virgin. Also, I learned what flirting is — I could have used this episode in high school and college and in my early 20s, because wow, I was even more ignorant of the signs than Jane.
I’ve been Jane in this episode, minus the dead husband. Get a dress that compliments your skin tone and mix it with the most confidence you’ve had in a while, and we’ve all been that girl. I’ve also been the girl at the bar talking to a guy who slips out something very personal a little too soon. I obviously can’t relate to Jane’s struggle, but I can feel it. It’s too bad it didn’t work out with Detective Dennis, but he is a little too close to Michael. It was doomed from the start. But at least it’s a start for Jane to get back out there.
Dating and finding a man is not important and no woman needs a man: as we learned from semi-modern Abuela tonight, a woman’s place is in the house and the senate! Jane doesn’t need a man, but it’s wise that she’s preparing herself for one. Because like semi-modern Abuela said, a man will find her (cough, Rafael, cough) when she leasts expects it. There will just be some more awkward dates and unsuccessful relationships before we can get there.
Xo misreads Bruce’s professionalism for avoiding Rogelio because of her. Fair enough, Xo, but it ends up being the reason he quits representing Rogelio. Okay, not really. Xo played her cards right at first, but why did she show up to the hearing after seeing how heartbroken he was when she talked to him at his house earlier?
Rogelio also doesn't see the signs, including why Bruce was avoiding him, and he also doesn’t put together that he and Xo broke up. It seemed like Xo hangs around the Villanueva house a lot, so that’s surprising. But maybe not? Since everyone is always there and I want to be there always, too.
Then there’s Rafael. Rafael has spent a lot of time on this show being in love with women who are taken. First Jane, now Petra. This doesn’t feel like a story line that will last — and it isn’t really landing for me, so I’m hoping it’s short-lived. Also, considering how things are going for Jane — and the fact that she said it would be easier to date a man who already knows her past with Michael — things are looking good for #TeamRafael. I think the show has made the right decision not to jump into #TeamRafael too soon after Michael’s passing. This is pure speculation because, hey, maybe it will never ever happen between Jane and Rafael again, but come on. It has to!
Petra went in the unexpected direction. Of course she’s not the one into Rafael. She was just using flirtation to hide suspicious emails to her sister. And she’s shockingly still into Chuck. I can’t tell if her feelings are genuine, or if she’s using him since he’s her neighbor/he knows about the bones/possibly knows something else. Maybe it’s a mix of both? I can’t tell with Petra anymore, since she’s nicer than she used to be, but also still sends money to her sister who probably killed Scott. And before I end thoughts on Petra...I will never get the image of her holding Mateo’s favorite raincoat out of my head. That's a great, if disturbing visual.
Also, huge credit to Abuela on her #WalkofShame. No one has ever looked that good after an unplanned sleepover. Not even like...Charlize Theron.
My theory on where Luisa and Rose (with a new blonde face!) are right now: on a Virgin Galactic trip to space, and Leonardo DiCaprio is there. And he is suspicious. See you April 24! I hate these breaks so much.
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