The Best Reactions To Every Awkward Moment On The Bachelor Finale

Photo: Terhi Tuovinen/ABC.
On most days, The Bachelor isn't a terribly smooth show. Few people laud the franchise for its swell dialogue or the contestants' ease on screen. The truth is, it's awkward. One person is forced to fall in love with 25 other people, and they do it all with a camera in their face.
The finale of season 21, though, felt especially awkward. Perhaps it was the fact that Santa Claus made an appearance. Or the fact that Raven Gates, the rejected contestant, had to face her erstwhile suitor on live television — and everyone seemed to know that she was the true winner of the season. Or perhaps it was the fact that Rachel Lindsay, the next Bachelorette, met four of her future suitors, one of whom made a veiled reference to going Black and not going back. (The joke was not received well on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your email inbox, or anywhere else in the world.)
All the while, Twitter looked on in shock. Was this the show we knew and loved? It's always a little forced, but this felt...strained. Ahead, find the 10 most awkward moments of the night, according to Twitter.

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