Watch Parents Read Their Daughters' Tinder Messages

If online dating is like searching for a needle in a haystack, Tinder is like searching for a needle in, I dunno, an entire field of generally awful haystacks. And being a woman looking for a potential male partner on Tinder? I guess it's like if all the haystacks were also rude, sexist, and couldn't spell.
This is a terrible analogy, but you get it. You know who probably does not get it, though? Your mom.
The median age of Tinder users is 26, so unless you have remarkably tech-savvy parents, they are likely not on the app (if they are, hey, more power to them). They may not even know that you are on Tinder. And even if they do know, do you think they truly have any idea what kind of nonsense messages you have to face every time you open that thing?
Now, thanks to Buzzfeed, at least five parents have been welcomed to the inner circle of online dating hell.
In a new video, four middle-aged moms and one middle-aged (and very sharply dressed, we might add) dad learn the truth about their daughters' Tinder messages. How? They read them aloud on camera, of course.
"I feel like this is going to be awkward," one daughter correctly estimates at the beginning of the video.
"She's about to find out why I've been single for six years," explains another, gesturing to her mom.
What follows is the poor brave parents reading aloud messages that request nude pics, reference golden showers, and suggest dragging questionable body parts across the woman's (this person's daughter's!) face. It's all very hilarious and very uncomfortable, but the one thing these Tinder message-senders all have in common is their real gung-ho lack of respect for any of the women they are messaging.
"Carbs, no. Cuddling, no. Condoms, no," reads the dad, shaking his head as he's faced with some delightful human's message to his kid.
"I hate this," sums up one mom.
Watch the whole thing below. And if after that you'd like yet another laugh-cry about the sad state of sexism these days, here's a parody video about sexual assault reporting that should do the trick.

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