Maisie Williams Thinks She Looks Like An Emoji & The Comparisons Are Hilarious

Maisie Williams is as famous for her off-screen antics as she is for the badass roles she plays. Whether she's appearing on Teens React to poke fun at the Nintendo NES or joking about being married to her BFF Sophie Turner, Williams always keeps us laughing.
The Game of Thrones star's latest joke comes courtesy of a few tweets she sent out on Tuesday. Williams tweeted, "I've come to terms with the fact that I look like an emoji," along with six emoji faces. And we have to admit, the default iOS brunette does look a lot like the star.
Williams then added a photo featuring her own face as well as the emoji, and we definitely see the resemblance. She and the emoji have similar eyes and eyebrows, and she's definitely got the expression down pat.
Naturally, Williams' fans had the perfect response. And it looks like she has more in common with the emoji ladies than similar facial features.
One Twitter user shared a photo of Williams in a ruffled red dress that looks a lot like the salsa dancer emoji.
Another fan took things a step further, merging Williams' face onto the emoji in question. Williams apparently got a kick out of that response — she retweeted the Photoshop masterpiece.
Others, though, were focused on a different aspect of Williams' tweet. The image of her face above the emoji icon looks like it was created with Snapchat — and fans are dying to know what Williams' handle is.
And, to bring the internet theme full circle, some clever Twitter users brought Williams' tweet back to a meme. "Cant believe u invented this emoji," one person wrote.
Clearly, the next step here is for Williams to follow in Justin Bieber and the Kardashians' footsteps and create her own emoji keyboard. "Emaisie" is too perfect a pun to waste.

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