You Can't Tell Who Is Who In Lily-Rose Depp's Picture With Mom

Photo: Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
It seems inevitable that Lily-Rose Depp would become a sought-after young star. I mean, her parents are Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis after all — she was destined to be famous. And now, at age 17, not only is she becoming an actress, model, and fashion it-girl in her own right, but she's also doing it all on her own terms. Just take one look at her Instagram and it's clear that she wants to be her own person, distinct from her parents (although she speaks only fondly of them both, especially her father, who she recently defended).
But regardless of following the beat of her own drum, there is one thing Lily-Rose cannot escape — how much she looks like her mother, Vanessa. This past week while in France for Paris Fashion Week, the two attended Chanel's Fall presentation (both have been spokesmodels for the brand) arm-in-arm, and afterwards Lily-Rose shared a snap of the two on her Instagram. And they are legit twins.
That's Vanessa on the left and Lily-Rose on the right, but I don't blame you if you had to do a double-take. The two share very similar facial features, hair styles, and sly smirks. In this photo, it's hard to even see a bit of Johnny in Lily-Rose's face because she so uncannily resembles her mom.
In fact, here's a picture of her mother from when she was around Lily-Rose's age. Now do you believe me that they're the same person?
For those unaware, Vanessa is a French singer, actress, and model. She first rose to popularity in her youth at the age of 14 when she released a French single, "Joe le taxi." She's chic, she's French, and she looks so good for her age (she's 44 if you can believe it).
A talented mother-daughter duo that c0uld also pass as twins? Only in Hollywood.

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