This Waxing Video Is Basically The Grooming Edition Of Couple Goals

You can save a lot of money by eschewing expensive salon treatments and going the DIY route. Facials, waxes, haircuts: Why pay up to see a professional when you can do the same thing at home, all by yourself, for a mere fraction of the price?
Because it’s not that easy, that’s why. Extractions are best left to trained estheticians for a reason. There are a million ways that a seemingly simple “trim” or color straight out of the box can go very, very wrong. And waxing…well, that one we don’t even need to explain.
But maybe things would be different if you had someone else around to make things a little easier, both by offering a helping hand and by being around to dial 911 should worst come to worst. A particularly game significant other, perhaps — like Shawn Smith, a Baltimore-based hairstylist whose fiancé, as a recent Instagram proved, has no qualms about helping his lady do her beauty business. That includes the most delicate of all waxing situations: the armpit.

Hubby trying to wax my pits???????? *Negative comments get you blocked...per usual ✌

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Smith’s “hubby,” as she refers to him, had a couple false starts — but it turns out that he’s a natural. (Good rule of thumb: The faster you pull off the wax, the better.) According to Smith, it isn’t unusual for her S.O. to take part in her beauty routine. “My fiancé always helps me with grooming,” she told Yahoo Beauty. “We’ve been together for quite a while and are really comfortable with each other. I help him cut and treat his hair, and he cuts my hair as well.”
We know what you’re thinking, so we’ll go ahead and say it: Smith and her fiancé are couple goals — especially if you’ve ever found yourself squeezing a bottle of hair dye onto your head while hovering over the bathtub, thinking about how much easier it would be if only you had a second set of hands.

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