You Probably Missed This Emotional Moment In Amy Schumer’s New Special

Fans may salivate over everything Amy Schumer graces the world with, but we doubt people are paying attention to the credits as they roll on Inside Amy Schumer or Trainwreck. While you’re probably not missing out on anything there, the final shout-out of the comedian’s latest Netflix special is hiding something seriously emotional and illuminating.
In the last moments of The Leather Special, the words "In Memory of Mayci & Jillian" flash on the screen. The dedication refers to the heartbreaking murder of two young women — just 21 and 33, respectively — who were the fatalities of a July 2015 mass shooting during a showing of Trainwreck.
The man who opened fire upon Mayci, Jillian, and the nine other people who were shot in that Louisiana movie theater had a long documented history of mental illness and possibly domestic violence. Despite this fact, John Russell Houser was still able to stroll into a pawn shop in 2014 and purchase a .40 caliber handgun.
Since hearing of Mayci and Jillian’s avoidable deaths, Amy has become a vocal advocate for safer gun laws. The Leather Special is her stealthy response to everyone who says a celebrity like her has no business messing around with politics.

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The first 40 minutes of the Long Island native’s streaming special are packed with her signature blend of self-deprecation and graphic sex stories. Cum-plastered boobs, barn animal "pussies," and wine-edible blackouts are all described in lengthy detail, but something changes after Amy reminds us she’s a Peabody Award winner.
The comic delves into the confusing realities of buying a gun: people can purchase firearms while severely mentally ill, blind, or on the terrorist watch list thanks to loopholes. After laying all that out, the Comedy Central queen shares the most meaningful statement of Leather.
"You can catch a hot load all over your titties and still not want your loved ones to get shot in a theater," she declares, owning both her sexuality and smarts in 25 words or less.
That’s the secret mission statement of the hour-long special, as a send up to the lost lives of Mayci and Jillian. Being a sexy, silly woman and caring about the world around you aren’t mutually exclusive traits, and society needs to start recognizing that ASAP.
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