Amy Schumer Tackles Nudes, Leather In New Netflix Special

Amy Schumer's fall from grace has been as precipitous as her rise was meteoric. She came out of seemingly nowhere with Inside Amy Schumer, became briefly the most famous woman in comedy, and then faced the backlash typical of the newly famous. Lena Dunham's career has been almost entirely backlash. Taylor Swift, likewise, has seen her star rise and fall as it's tied to Kanye's. Only celebrities as unimpeachable as Beyoncé manage to navigate the choppy waters of fame without occasionally dipping under. (She does so partially by controlling her image more tightly than almost anybody on Earth.)
So now Schumer is in the curious position of sneaking back onto the public's good side after many people went through the inevitable spasm of disliking her.
Amy Schumer: The Leather Special is the first salvo in that effort. And it looks pretty good.
Her comedic persona seems well-suited for the current moment. She's always been the take-charge type in her comedy, with stumbling blocks coming when people look to her for answers on how to live.
So we'll see if she can regain her underdog status. This trailer, at least, looks like a promising start.

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