The Harry Potter Cast Has A Group Chat & We Want In

Photo: Daniel Deme / EPA/REX/Shutterstock.
Last week, a pair of Harry Potter stars showed up to support their old pal Emma Watson at the L.A. premiere of her latest flick, Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Sweet, right? You'd think that Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom; and Tom Felton, who portrayed Draco Malfoy, may have been invited to the premiere on their own, but that's not the case. In fact, Watson invited them via group chat. That's right. Watson revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the cast of Harry Potter stays in touch via everyone's favorite global chat service.
The tidbit came out during an interview when a reporter asked Watson whether or not she keeps in touch with Daniel Radcliffe and Co. Through a glazy-eyed exhale, because you know she never gets asked this question, ever, Watson explained that the cast has a group chat. "We actually have a group WhatsApp," she said, "which I invited everyone, really, from the main cast from Harry Potter to come to screenings."
But as she spoke of her fellow Hogwarts alums, Watson got noticeably excited. She explains that the group chat is how Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton attended the Los Angeles premiere of B&TB.
"It's kind of like Pokémon, I'm trying to catch them all right now," she says of the other Harry Potter stars. "We're all spread all over the globe, so it's like, you know, a case of trying to, like, get people into the right places. I feel very supported by my old co-stars."
That's sweet and all, especially that Pokémon comparison, but the truth is, we want into this group chat. Obviously it's full of feminist book recs from Watson, fitness tips from Lewis, and plenty of stuff we can't even begin to imagine. And it looks like we're not the only ones. Potterheads want to find the chat, too. Hey Emma, can we get an invite?

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