Confirmed Babe Neville Longbottom’s Instagram Account Is Now Public

Today is truly a glorious day. Can you feel it in the air? It's not just the warm stirrings of spring wafting into our open office windows on magical zephyrs. Nay, the stirrings you're about to feel are of a different sort. For you see, today is the day we found out that Matthew Lewis' Instagram account is now public for all of our perusal and enjoyment.  Why is this news, which BuzzFeed first delivered, so joyous and wonderful? Because Matthew Lewis played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, and while he was adorable in his own quirky way back then, he has blossomed into quite the handsome swan since leaving Hogwarts. We first celebrated this transformation in 2014 when Lewis appeared at the VIP preview for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but now he's done everyone one better. By making his Instagram account public, we can rejoice in his wonderfulness through his own eyes. We can celebrate the time he wore a tank top. 
And when he pretended to be Britney at the VMAs
When he pulled a McKayla Maroney in Rome.
Even Emma Watson is proud of her former classmate.
A thousand points to Gryffindor. A thousand points to everyone.  (BuzzFeed)

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