16 Photos That Prove The Cast Of Buffy Had Terrible Style

Watching the pilot episode for Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2017 is like stepping into a time capsule. Twenty years ago, when we were first introduced to high school vampire vigilante Buffy Summers, it was 1997. The most popular catchphrase was "I'm king of the world!," LeAnn Rimes became the youngest person to win a Grammy for Best New Artist, and the Notorious B.I.G. had literally just been killed (he died on March 10, the same day as the Buffy premiere).
But while the story lines of Buffy The Vampire Slayer seem more relevant than ever, there's one thing that doesn't stand the test of time. Surprisingly enough, that thing isn't the charming references to a hot James Spader. It's the clothes. The '90s might be back in style, but let's be honest: There's '90s fashion and then there's '90s fashion. Buffy is less cute chokers and more ill-fitting colorful leather jacket paired with jewel-toned, bootcut pants. And don't even get me started on Xander's themed Hawaiian shirts.
Brave soul Rebecca Pahle has dedicated an entire Twitter feed to documenting these distressing outfits. In January, she launched @BadBuffyOutfits, and in less than three months, she's gained almost 8,000 followers dedicated to tracking the Slayer's sartorial nightmare. "I've been living in a world of button-downs with terrible patterns and bucket hats ever since," Pahle joked over email. "The fact that it's been 20 years since Buffy premiered is weird and makes me feel old as fuck."
As for why the looks are so bad, Pahle has a theory: "The Scoobies always had this misfit quality about them, which is part of why they resonated so much," she explained. "That's specifically true of Xander and Willow in the high school seasons. Oftentimes you get the sense that their clothes are supposed to be, if not bad, then at least unusual. Which I really like, as it reflects how high school really is. Not everyone wears clothes plucked straight from Fashion Week. Willow's early season fashion, in particular, is very relatable to me: I had a fuzzy brown bucket hat that I wore so much it literally fell apart, and sweaters that today would make me cringe were probably my No. 1 wardrobe staple. We all have sartorial skeletons in our closets."
To celebrate the ghosts of '90s wardrobes past, I've grabbed some of the best images from Bad Buffy Outfits, and completed the list with some of my own personal favorites. So, grab your glitter barrettes and brownish lipstick, and let's walk down that Hellmouth catwalk.
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
This look is peak Buffy. Boxy leather jacket? Check. Pastel drapey T-shirt? Check. Drab and baggy-in-all-the-wrong-places pants? Check. Sturdy shoes with which to kick vampire ass? Check.
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This is but the first in a series of truly heinous Xander Harris shirts. In March, Pahle started posting a picture of Buffy's trusted sidekick every day, and after scrolling through a couple, it's easy to see why. Here's what she had to say about this particular one:

"The worst and the best [outfit] is the same: Xander's mushroom shirt. It is objectively terrible, but god I love it. The costume designer went there. It was right out the gate, too, in the first few episodes. It was one of the first things we knew about Xander: is self-deprecating, has a crush on Buffy, OWNS A MUSHROOM SHIRT. Where do you even get a mushroom shirt? It's a bold move."
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
Ah, the Scoobies in all their sartorial glory. Some key elements here: tweed for Giles, fuzzy sweater and patterned skirt combo for Willow, and A-line mini dress with assorted big hair for Buffy.

And remember what I told you about Xander's shirts? Check this baby out.
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
Xander's not the only one with special big-boy shirts. Angel was a big fan of the jewel-toned silks.
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
And here's Spike, rocking that bleached hair and leather pants look like it's 2003.
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Everything about this look hurts my eyes. But maybe that's the idea? To drive away the vampires with just one look?
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
Not gonna lie, I am a big fan of Cordelia's leopard-print skirt. But that nondescript beige-yellow turtleneck? Not so much.

I will not even deign to address what is going on with Willow's sweater.
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No words can do this look justice.
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
I know crop tops are back and all (thanks, Kendall Jenner), but this is a lot.
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Yet another Xander shirtstravaganza. This time, complete with dinosaurs!
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
Tara, a.k.a. every girl who listened to Fall Out Boy circa 2005.
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So. Much. Ruching.
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
This looks screams, "I'm going to my first sophomore house party. Like, I'm an adult."
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Is Willow wearing a lavender baby poncho? With a jean miniskirt? AND patches? Wow.
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Photo: 20th Century Fox Television/REX/Shutterstock.
Buffy gets an A+ for her healthy glow, D- for the gray (silver? moon-colored?) silk slit skirt.
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Poor Harmony didn't deserve to be turned into a vampire. But we didn't deserve that striped sleeveless tank either, so I think we're pretty much even.
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