Janelle Monáe Just Perfectly Shut Down Period Shaming

Despite the fact that nearly half of the world's population will go through menstruation at some point in their lives, it's still considered "unladylike" and impolite to openly discuss your time of the month (let alone show that you're on your period).
Thankfully, the goddess known as Janelle Monáe is here to educate everyone on why periods aren't "gross." They're a natural process of your body, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. In honor of Women's History Month, Monáe tweeted, "Menstrual Period Blood. #WomensHistoryMonth." (Note: You don't need to get periods to be a woman and you don't need to be a woman to menstruate, but you get the picture.)
She also followed up with her thoughts on those who are "grossed out" by periods.
Ironically, several people seemed to illustrate her point by vocalizing just how much they were grossed out by her discussing menstruation so publicly. Monáe, however, wasted no time in taking them to task.
Monáe also elaborated further, explaining why she takes issue with those who think normal bodily functions are disgusting and shameful.
Monáe is right: it's time we get over the shame and stigma so often attached to having periods, because, heads up, they're just a fact of life for many of us. Not only that, the disdain with which we treat periods can have far-reaching effects on our lives. Not being able to openly discuss periods can be harmful — those who suffer from endometriosis, (a disorder that involves painful periods), for example, can have a hard time seeking help when they need it, because issues involving menstruation are too taboo to talk about.
So it's time we all take a leaf from Janelle Monáe's book and normalize menstruation so that we don't have to keep sneaking those damn tampons out of our bags.

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