Fans Noticed This One Really Weird Thing About Toby & Kate On This Is Us

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There are a lot of couples to root for on This Is Us. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) are the couple, of course, but let's not forget Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) who have never shared a scene that didn't display serious #marriagegoals. Then there's Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) who have... well, a more complicated relationship. On one hand, Toby has plenty going for him in the "good boyfriend" column, from the grand gesture at Christmas to showing her the "celebrity treatment" on a date. On the other, Toby rarely listens to Kate when she says she needs things like space or time to figure out her own stuff. Yet whether you're a Koby shipper or secretly hoping that Kate calls off her sometime-in-the-future wedding, there's one thing that all fans should be on the same page about. Toby and Kate are terrible at their jobs.
A thread on Reddit pointed out that both Toby and Kate don't really seem to do anything. Well, okay, they do stuff, just not anything that would actually make them money. For example: Kate had just started a personal assistant gig when she went home for Christmas. Then Toby had a heart attack, and Kate stayed home for a few extra days. Then Kate decided that to go on what I imagine was an extremely expensive wellness retreat.
Is her employer (Jami Gertz) just that chill? Has Kate already been fired? This Is Us has yet to tell us.
As for Toby, we also have no clue what his deal is. This Is Us hasn't mentioned the specifics of his job, but Redditor royaldansk does have a theory:
"I think the last time it was brought up the suggestion was that maybe he was some sort of ... writer? Like, for TV shows or movies, probably a comedy one, maybe he once wrote a really good one and lives off residuals and the support for this was that he seemed really used to or didn't think the Hollywood party Kevin had to go to was anything special and seemed to know how to deal with it? Maybe he just had an accident at a large store and is living off a really large settlement."
Maybe the last two episodes of season 1 will finally reveal what Toby does, and how he seems to have enough money to take off work for months at a time. I have my fingers crossed for "secretly a royal."

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