This Is Us Fans Are ‘Shipping Toby & Kate So Hard

We get it. This Is Us is the reason so many people come into the office on Wednesday morning with red eyes and puffy faces. When fans aren't weeping over some plot twist, they're gushing over the budding romance between Chrissy Metz's Kate and Chris Sullivan's Toby. It's still early yet, but this couple — a very rare representation of two plus-size lovebirds — is growing stronger every day. “I think what people are connecting with is there are two things that I think everyone can relate to, and that is everyone has a sense of shame about something, and everybody is attempting to overcome that shame by connecting with the people that they love,” Sullivan told People this week of the on-screen couple's appeal. “And it’s hard to face sometimes, the things that we feel ashamed of, or shame about. But the true path to a loving connection is battling those things and bringing them out into the open.” Sullivan added that he considers Toby and Kate to be "a romance for the ages." The show's fans would be just fine with that. Y'all know it's just a TV show though, right?
Of course, there's always one...

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