Someone Made A Facebook Friendversary Video For Trump & Putin, & It's Amazing

Photo: Chad Batka/Getty Images Portrait; Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images.
Well, this is touching, in a completely horrifying way.
You know those Facebook "friend anniversary" videos that can be slightly awkward to watch if you're not actually that good friends with the person or you've lost touch? (But if it is a good friend, you always share the hell out of it.)
A pair of filmmakers made a Facebook Friendversary video for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, whose reported political relationship is (or at least should be) the biggest scandal of the past few months. To wit: Trump has continually defended Putin, while attacking the American media. There's something very wrong with that picture. Even Senate Republicans are alarmed by the various allegations of the administration's communications with Russia.
"A few months ago rigged the election together," it starts.
The video hits a sentimental note about the BFFs: "And while there are several dictatorships, there's only one like yours ;) That's terrifying!" So terrifying.
And it concludes with something we know deep down inside: "We are all totally fucked."
The video was created by the Nix Bros., who are known for their short, often political comedy videos, reports Mashable. It's also not the first time their "bromance" has been satirized. While the Trump administration's relationship with Russia is not exactly a joke, we could all use some political satire in these times.

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