This Texas Sportscaster Just Went Off On Transphobia & We Love It

If you'll allow us to engage in a bit of harmless stereotyping, we did not expect a Texas sportscaster to come down firmy against transphobia. Dale Hansen, apparently, is no average Texas sportscaster.
Hansen tackled the topic of Mack Beggs, a trans boy who was assigned female at birth but forced to wrestle outside of his gender because of archaic Texas amateur athletics bylaws. He's in the process of transitioning, so he takes testosterone. He wanted to wrestle against the boys; he was not allowed to wrestle against the boys. He easily won his gender division, but it's a sham that he was there in the first place.
Hansen agrees, and he went on an epic rant to prove it.
“Maybe I just hoped that in 2017, we would be done arguing about birth certificates, but obviously we’re not,” he said during a Monday broadcast. “Somebody has to find a better answer than what we’re being given now.”
He also nailed his own privilege, saying that as a cis man that “transitioning is a struggle I cannot imagine. It is a journey I could not make.”
Here's the money line:
"The problems that Mack Beggs is facing and dealing with now remind me again that I don't have any problems."
You should watch it. It's a masterclass in how to be a decent person when you don't fully understand and might even not accept the person with whom you're talking. Like, by recognizing another person as a human you elevate all of humanity. Not really that complicated.

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