Gmail Just Made A Change That Will Improve Your Life

Photo: Courtesy of Google.
We think this Gmail news will be a game-changer for your inbox — and your sanity. Maybe you're wedding-planning and consultants are sending you pictures of venues that you can't wait to see. Or maybe you need to edit a huge presentation for work. All of this and more will be less of a pain in the butt in just a matter of days, thanks to a new update by Google.
The Next Web reports that Google is doubling the size of attachments you can receive through Gmail, raising the maximum from 25MB to 50MB. The maximum size for a sent attachment is still 25MB. This means less reliance on Dropbox and Google Drive to send high-res photos, presentations, and more.
Google says the update will roll out over the next three days. Of course, Gmail storage is still limited, so you might want to delete all of those huge files once you're done using them. And be sure to check out our favorite Gmail hacks and tips to make your inbox even more easy to use.

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