15 Gmail Hacks You Need To Know Now

While we wish we could use Snapchat for all our communication needs, email is still the de facto service for sending "serious" messages. (Or, at least ones that are more than a couple lines of emoji long.) Email is also still the catch-all for every social network sign-up or online purchase you’ve made. While some might say the fall of email is nigh, its grip on our day-to-day lives isn’t about to loosen over night.
Thankfully, Gmail, arguably the ringleader of the email game, offers users plenty of ways to make their email experience more pleasant and more productive. It may even help mitigate that sense of dread some of us get when opening our inboxes. (That email dread can’t just be us, right?)
Between Labs add-ons, Chrome extensions, third-party offerings, and simply tweaking a few settings, there are countless customization options for the Gmail user. From creating generic messages, to life-changing keyboard shortcuts, to creating an infinite amount of email addresses, we've got you covered. Use these tips to crank up your Gmail know-how to expert status.

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