Tom Brady Shared A Photo Of His Hair In High School — & It's The Greatest

Tom Brady isn’t just any athlete. He’s a celebrity in his own right — in more ways than one. Not only is he married to one of the most successful supermodels in the world, he's also the quarterback for a Super Bowl-winning team, and often finds his name in the news (like how he is casually friends President Donald Trump). But he wasn't always this guy. If you checked out his Instagram feed lately, then you’ll know exactly what we mean. And if you don't, allow us to explain...

Time to bring it back?? #hairgoals

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Brady must have dusted off his high school yearbook, because yesterday, he uploaded a throwback photo of his haircut to the Instagram. His caption, “Time to bring it back? #hairgoals,” is equal parts impressive and hilarious. For starters, Brady's hair is a voluminous sea of greatness. (Might we even dub it a bouffant?) And here we thought Gisele was the one with the full, gorgeous head of hair. Even still, there are so many questions to be answered: Was he taking biotin at the time? Did he blow-dry it before school? Why did he leave the sides shaved? What mousse was he using?
Considering that the NFL star's current style is a lot shorter, it's shocking to see the amount of hair he had at one point. I guess some people can have it all: five Super Bowl rings, a diet to end all diets beats, and the greatest throwback photo of all time.

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