A Comprehensive Guide To Tom Brady's Many Health Quirks

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.
In some circles, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is just another phony wellness blogger peddling pseudoscientific health tips. But he's also a five-time Super Bowl champion, a three-time MVP recipient, a millionaire, and the husband of Gisele Bünchen — so he happens to have a little more clout than most random people on the internet.
In 2017, Brady wrote a book about health, called The TB12 Method, which detailed his "groundbreaking" approach to health, nutrition, and fitness. For regulars and fans alike, this is basically an instructional manual to live like Brady. When the book came out, the internet had a great time mocking his whacky lifestyle tips. Because, while Brady is an elite athlete with some superhuman physical abilities, it's hard to listen to him talk about the dangers of "nightshades" without laughing a little bit.
In honor of the Super Bowl this Sunday, which Brady will be playing in, here's some of the weirdest things that he allegedly does to support his health. They're not all so scientifically sound (so, not all the advice is worth taking), but they do shed some light on what it really takes to be Brady.

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