Watch Kim Kardashian Nail A Jump Rope Routine

Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images.
Kim Kardashian's not just a reality star, mom, and fashion icon. She's also got a hidden talent: jump roping.
She showed off her routine over Snapchat, People reports, and we're seriously impressed.
In the video, she's on a basketball court with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé. "Are you ready for my jump roping tricks?" she asks. But we don't think anyone was quite prepared for her masterful hopping and criss-crossing.
"You guys, I did an impressive jump rope move that made them excited," she brags. "Now they can’t do it! Something I can do that they can’t!" Sounds like she's still a bit bitter from that time they all wore burgundy without her.
After gloating about surpassing her sisters in this particular skill, she gives them a chance to try it themselves. They both do a decent job, but they haven't perfected the arm movements like she has. Seriously, when has she had time to practice all this?
"Yes, you could do it!" Kim encourages Khloé, who responds, "Just once. How did you do that? You’re so good!"
Just to rub it in, Kim does the routine again. Khloé continues to humor her, saying, "Kim is like a legit jump roper all of a sudden. Oh, you keep going? Oh shit, Floyd Mayweather in the house right there."
Kim's not the only athlete in her family. Khloé's got her own exercise video to teach fans lower body workouts — and, of course, a show centered on fitness. Meanwhile, Kendall works out outside the spotlight by herself or with a personal trainer, but she's got a killer playlist.
Our favorite Kardashian workout, though, comes from Khloé when she's not body-shaming anyone. She wrote on her website last year that her team has determined how to get the most exercise out of sex. "I’m all about having fun with fitness, and it's the best way to stay motivated to work out," she wrote.
We're all about that, whether you get it from sex or jump roping.

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