Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Expects To See A Lot More Black Men On Her Season

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images.
The next Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, is set to be the first Black star in 15 years and 33 seasons of the Bachelor franchise. Just as incredible is the fact that at 31, Lindsay is the oldest Bachelorette ever. Plus, the Dallas resident stands apart with her high-powered day job as an attorney. We're super excited to see the show get a much-needed update in 2017, as is Lindsay, of course. And she's already got a few ideas about the pool of guys she's expecting.
"I mean, I'm not your typical Bachelorette, right? We've already talked about it," Lindsay told ET's Lauren Zimat at the Friday taping of The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" edition. "I'm the first Black Bachelorette, I'm 31, so I'm an older Bachelorette…Then at the same time, I have a different type of job than the typical Bachelorettes have, so I think it's a little bit harder to cast someone for me." Lindsay added, "Being 31, like, I've been there. I've gone through my twenties, I've been through the journey, so I know exactly what it is that I'm looking for."
Lindsay continued, sharing her expectations about the racial makeup of the contestants. "I obviously expect to see a wider pool of African-American men just because that's me, but what I'm excited about is I'm hoping that my cast reflects what America looks like," she told ET. "I don't [exclusively] date African-American men, I've dated all races before, and so I'm hoping the cast reflects what America looks like and I'm excited that my season is hopefully the one that has the opportunity to do that."
We're counting on it.

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