7 Things You Should Know About America’s First Black Bachelorette

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
By now, I hope you've heard that Rachel Lindsay is the new Bachelorette. She will be the first woman of color to fill the role. Come May 22, the 31-year-old Dallas, Texas native will step into the shoes that 12 other women have filled. That means we have three months and eight days to dream about Lindsay's helicopter-filled future. Before we to do that, though, we must get acquainted with our new Lady of All Things Bachelor. Internet sleuths have only just sunk their teeth into Lindsay's digital presence — past investigations have led us to discoveries like Corinne in the 2 Chainz video — so the information is meager as of yet. Give her a few months of publicity tours and pre-promotional Instagram teases, though, and we'll have a wealth of anecdotes to pull from. For now, though, this is what we know about America's first Black Bachelorette. 1. She's a Dallas Cowboys fan. This was widely advertised in the current season of The Bachelor. In fact, it may have been one of the first facts Lindsay shared with Bachelor Nick Viall. In addition, Lindsay regularly discusses her fandom on Twitter. As a Texas resident, it's nearly compulsory that she be a Cowboys fan. 2. She attended Marquette University Law School.

The president of the university congratulated Lindsay himself on Twitter. 3. She's good friends with dolphin shark Alexis Waters.

Everyone — including myself — wants to be friends with Alexis Waters. But Rachel actually is friends with her. The two appeared on Lindsay's Instagram grooving to some music. In addition, Waters posted her own sweet congratulations to Lindsay, writing "Who knew shark girl and lawyer girl would be best friends?"
4. She's a Prince fan. When fellow contestant Jami King asked on Twitter how much Lindsay would pay for Prince's clothing, this was her response.
5. She loves Michelle Obama In her initial ABC bio, the Bachelorette said that if she could be anyone for a day, she'd be the former First Lady. Her answer: "[I'd be] Michelle Obama. She's everything!" In the same bio, she expressed admiration for the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat."

6. Her father is a federal judge.

On Rachel's first one-on-one date with Nick Viall, she revealed that her father is a federal judge. The experts at Bustle claim this man is none other than Sam Lindsay, a federal judge in Dallas.

7. She's an advocate for equal rights.

Very Important Question Alert: Is Lindsay a feminist? This isn't a word that The Bachelor likes to throw around. When a fan asked Lindsay on Twitter if she was, though, Lindsay responded thusly.
And that is the only fact we want to know. The future of reality television is bright because it has a Black feminist Bachelorette at its helm.

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