This Mattifying Stick Comes With A Hidden Twist

Remember back in the day when people told stories through ancient, rolled-up parchment paper? Of course you don't. Because — unless you've journeyed through a time traveling machine a lá Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future — you weren't born hundreds of years ago. But the latest launch from beauty brand Trèstique will certainly make you feel like you were.
Here's why: This mattifying stick has ingeniously-placed blotting sheets that look just like the old-school paper hidden inside the tube. (Another reason to love it — especially because we're all about finding hidden compartments in our beauty products.)
At first glance, it looks like your ordinary chubby makeup stick that's meant to de-slick your T-zone and mattify oily areas on your face. While it's true that it does all of the above, and it does it well, there's more to it than that. Pop open the top and bottom magnetic sealing caps, and you've got receipt-sized blotters that you can use to dab throughout the day. (Oh, and did we mention they're refillable?)
What's cool is that you can customize the size of the paper, as the included cutting edge makes it easy to tear — meaning you'll never have to worry about accidentally pulling out 13 sheets from the container (when you really ever only meant to grab one). Even better, the fact that it's built-in makes it easy to toss the whole thing in your purse, going-out clutch, or gym bag — without worrying about anything spilling out. Now that’s what we call a modern-day invention. Here ye, here ye.
Trèstique Magic Mattifying Balm & Blotting Sheet Duo, $34, available at Sephora.

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