David Beckham Gave Us Parenting & Pancake Goals All In One

Is there such a thing as pancake goals? Because David Beckham's latest Instagram is making us very jealous.
The soccer star uploaded a video to his Instagram account on Tuesday, and it's clear he and his family are celebrating Mardi Gras right. Beckham performs an impressive pancake flip, which is met with applause from his family. Aside from pancake goals, that's parenting goals right there. Who doesn't want a parent who can make them a tasty breakfast treat?
We knew Beckham's soccer game was on point, naturally, but we're super impressed with how he stuck the landing on that flapjack. Can we get an invite for next year's pancake day?

Happy pancake day kids ( And Grown Ups ) #pancakeday @gordongram

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If you're wondering why Beckham referred to Fat Tuesday as "Pancake Day," it's a British tradition. As Business Insider explains, the custom stems from the desire to use up "unhealthy" ingredients in the kitchen, like oil and sugar, before the start of Lenten fasting. The site also notes that pancakes are traditionally thin in the U.K., so don't be alarmed by the crispy edges of Beckham's pancake.
Still, the best part of Beckham's Instagram post is that he tagged Gordon Ramsay's Instagram handle in the caption. Clearly, he wants the celebrity chef to give his pancakes the seal of approval.
Tagging Ramsay also plays into a larger joke: Recently, people have begun sending photos of their decidedly mediocre meals to the chef for comment. His responses tend to be far from positive, though they're always entertaining. We'd like to think, though, that Ramsay might just approve of Beckham's pancakes.
Of course, this is far from the first time Beckham has done something sweet for his four children. They pretty much always look adorable. Family goals, pancake goals...if Gordon Ramsay responds to the tag, we're dubbing this life goals, too.

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