Black History Is Not About "Alternative Facts," Say The Most Adorable Kids Ever

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"Black history didn't begin with slavery and it doesn't end with the Obamas," say two of the cutest kids ever in a new video from Because Of Them We Can, a campaign started in 2013 to honor Black history.
The video is the latest project from Eunique Jones, the photographer, filmmaker, and activist behind Because Of Them We Can, Teen Vogue reports.
In the video, several Black kids debunk "alternative facts" often assumed about the Black community. It plays on the words of Trump adviser Kellanne Conway, who said that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's false statements about the attendance at Trump's inauguration weren't false, they were just "alternative facts."
“Approaching Black History Month for this year, we saw the opportunity to really just change the conversation,” Jones told Teen Vogue. “Everyone’s talking about alternative facts and we know that those can translate into false narratives and things that can marginalize black communities.”
Things like, "Black history began with slavery," and "we'll never see another Black president in our lifetime."
"What about me?" one little boy asks. And, yeah, what about him?
Throughout the video, the kids focus on the facts of Black history and the Black community.
"Black girl magic is real."
"Black boy joy is real."
"Black wealth is real."
"Black excellence is real."
"I'm real."
And even though they really, really miss the Obamas (us, too, to be honest), these kids know that Black history doesn't end with them.
Watch the whole video below:

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