Chrissy Teigen Snoozed Her Way Through The 2017 Oscars

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
Chrissy Teigen, the woman known best for getting witty on Twitter and being married to John Legend, attended the Academy Awards last night — barely. The supermodel and mother of one was caught not once but twice a-slumbering in the audience. Her head on husband John Legend's shoulder, Teigen looked dead to the world, and Twitter is having a grand time with the proof.
The first time, it seemed like the 31-year-old slept through Casey Affleck's acceptance speech. While Affleck spoke, a camera caught Teigen snoozing. Her nap seemed to toss shade at the Oscar winner's moment. (She wasn't alone — other celebs also didn't look too enthused during the speech.) Later, she was caught again, but this time her slumber didn't seem so shady. It just seemed innocent, almost as if she were a woman forced to attend some three hour-long awards show with her husband.
Had it been anyone else, all this shut-eye might have incited internet ire. But in the eyes of Twitter, Teigen can do no wrong. When she was spotted with her eyes closed, Twitter was delighted. This just adds to Teigen's aw-gee-I'm-normal allure. Sleeping? During an awards show? Why, that's exactly what the rest of us would do.
The first sighting:
And the second, less shady sighting. (Notice that the camera angle is different and the facial expressions on her neighbors don't seem to be thinking about Casey Affleck and his controversial win.)
Then there were the second-day reactions. Memes quickly followed the sleeping photos. Because, well, Twittter and Chrissy Teigen. It's a lethal combination. One morning meme included the photo of Teigen at the Golden Globes — if you were on Twitter at the time, you'll remember the supermodel's pained face that has now been immortalized on the internet.
The best reaction yet came from the mother of one herself. This morning, Teigen tweeted the following.
Good morning, Chrissy! Have you heard? Moonlight won Best Picture! But only after La La Land won Best Picture. It's complicated. Oh, and we have a question for you. Were you actually sleeping during Casey Affleck's speech or were you throwing shade? The internet wants to know.
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