Obama Picked Some Surprising Movies To Screen Before He Left The White House

Photo: Pete Souza/White House/Getty Images.
President Obama enjoyed praise from many of his fans in Hollywood during his White House years, and it turns out the love is mutual. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Obama frequently requested screeners of box office hits, including predicted Oscar favorite, La La Land.
A studio executive tells the Hollywood Reporter that “There was never a film they [the former first family] didn’t request to watch.” Not only did the Obamas want to check out box office hits such as La La Land and other Oscar-nominated films, but also goofy sci-fi movies, including 2016’s Monster Trucks.
La La Land makes perfect sense given the critical hype and the president’s love for jazz music, but Monster Trucks is a bit of a head-scratcher. The White House requested the movie shortly before Obama left office, so perhaps the first family wanted to unwind with some action-packed family fun before the residence over to the Trumps?
Overall, the Obamas never seemed to have their fill of movies. The Hollywood Reporter states that the foursome screened movies at the fancy screening room in the White House, on Air Force One (Talk about in-flight entertainment!), and would check out films at a Regal Theater while on vacation in Hawai’i.
Hollywood was already hard at work making the Obamas the subject of movies before the 44th president even left the White House. Netflix debuted the film Barry, about Obama’s time at Columbia University last year. Southside With You, a movie about the former president and Michelle Obama’s relationship also came out in 2016.
As for the new president’s White House movie-watching habits, Trump has so far requested Pixar’s Finding Dory on DVD, and a screening of the new Bryan Cranston and James Franco Comedy, Why Him?, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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