Allison Williams Doesn't Like Her Blonde Hair

Alison Williams appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and dished about her blonde transformation, her awkward sex scenes on Girls, and her dad, newscaster Brian Williams. The actor is currently making the rounds promotion her new movie, Get Out.
Williams went blonde “for a magazine shoot,” she explained, but the new look is also a part of her “break-up” as she put it from her Girls character, Marnie. “Now it's time to say good-bye,” she said, roughly quoting The Mickey Mouse Club. Williams acknowledges that Marnie wasn't everyone's favorite. (I am firmly in the love-to-hate Marnie club, even though I will miss those cringeworthy Marnie and Desi songs.) But Williams will miss Marnie's messiness.
As for the blonde hair itself, Williams isn’t exactly thrilled. Before Colbert could even ask, she told him that no, she does not have more fun as a blonde. “I had one feeling of hair for 28 years,” she said, referring to her hair’s texture, saying now her hair is much dryer. “I wouldn’t recommend it,” she said.
Colbert, like all of us, wanted details about Marnie's awkwardly awesome sex scenes. “The sex scenes breed a kind of intimacy,” Williams said, but admitted that she and her scene partners would giggle about it to get through it. Pulling back the curtain on how they shoot nude scenes, she told Colbert that she was “basically a never-nude” because she was always wearing something, even if it was a stick-on contraption that often ended up covering more of her scene partner than of her. When Colbert asked about watching Girls with her parents, Williams says that after all they've seen everyone is finished feeling scandalized. We will have to take her word for that one.
Williams talked a little about her famous father, newsman Brian Williams. Colbert remarked that her dad is funnier than some professional comedians. Williams wasn't having it, telling Colbert that her dad isn’t even the funniest one in their family. That position belongs to her brother. He’s like her dad, but a new and improved version. “Because he’s got my mom’s gene pool,” she quipped, making moms everywhere proud.
Watch the full interview below.

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