The Girls Cast Have No Secrets — Except For This One Hook-Up

Photo: Mark Schafer/ HBO.
Girls will forever be remembered for a headline-grabbing series that cleverly critiqued an entire generation of privileged, narcissistic, young women. But in real life, the girls themselves have avoided making their own waves in the gossip or rumor magazines during the shows six year — and highly talked about — run.

Okay, so yes — the show's star and creator, Lena Dunham has had some cringy and unfiltered moments, but for the most part, the rest of the cast has a pretty clean track record.

And as their last season of their headline-making show nears, the four stars of the HBO series sat down with The New York Times staff writer Jenna Wortham, only to have Dunham say something that would once again lend itself to a headline. The show's creator revealed that she had a secret rendezvous with a "day actor" on the show which made her feel like "the grossest producer in Hollywood."

The confession was lured out of Dunham after Allison Williams, who plays Marnie, said she wished that there had been a juicy "tryst between co-stars." Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna, agreed and admitted that they were all "very boringly well-behaved." Well, not all of them.

"I am going to choose to reveal this here on the stage for the very first time," Dunham said while her Williams, Mamet, and Jemima Kirke looked her way, bewildered. "I did make out with a day player actor on our show for a season."

The reactions was as followed:
Photo: TimesTalks.
Kirke asked if she knew him. Dunham said no. Williams demanded to know who it was, but Dunham, ever the master of thematic build-up, played coy. Moments later, all three figured out who it was, and reacted as such:
Photo: TimesTalks.
"This was before I knew the full boundaries of professionalism," Dunham clarified to the crowd. "But I was like 'You've been on set for 8 years, you seem very interested in me and my power...'" she joked.

She added that after the fact she realized that it was "a nightmare" and that she had "inadvertently become the grossest producer in Hollywood." This was all, of course, before she met her current boyfriend of five years, Jack Antonoff.

You live and you learn, Dunham. And then you share your messiest moments with all of the world.

Watch the full interview, below.

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