This E! News Reporter Thinks That Camila Cabello's Last Name Is "Difficult To Pronounce"

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There was a time when changing your last name name in Hollywood was commonplace. But the practice is more than a little outdated — in order to support diversity, it's compulsory that the industry make way for diverse nomenclature. Ergo, Camila Cabello shouldn't have to change her name. This is not, however, what E! News Reporter Erin Lim thinks. Lim told Cabello in a Snapchat interview this morning that "Cabello" was "difficult to pronounce and unnecessary." (As this exchange existed on Snapchat, it is, unfortunately, no longer accessible. You can catch a small clip of it in the below tweets.)
For the record, the last name is all of three syllables — and easy ones at that. As Cabello is Latinx, the last name is pronounced "ca-bey-oh." Not that difficult. Lim's statement comes across as tone deaf and more than a little xenophobic.
Twitter was quick to point out the problematic nature of Lim's statement. Would she have said the same of "DiCaprio"? Or "McConaughey"? Likely not.
Others wanted to know: Is language in general difficult for you, Erin Lim? Because "Cabello" isn't that bad, as far as difficult-to-pronounce words go. If you can do "bologna" or "colonel," you should probably be able to pronounce "Cabello." One wonders: Does Erin Lim speak only in single-syllable words? (Er, given the way our current President speaks, this is actually not all that unlikely.)
Lim helms the E! News Snapchat story called The Segment, where she breaks down various pop culture moments with the help of gifs reactions and emojis. It's meant to be jocular stuff — in today's version, Lim riffed on Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner. Yesterday, Cabello was the focus of the Snapchat story because of her recent single, "Bad Things," which also features Machine Gun Kelly.
The 19-year-old has been a media favorite in recent months due to her dramatic exit from the girl group Fifth Harmony. Cabello has since established a healthy solo career and even managed to join Taylor Swift's elite squad. For the Miami native, all signs point to success. So, she's doing just fine with that "unnecessary" last name, thank you very much. To boot, the singer told Lena Dunham on the Women Of The Hour podcast that, given the current political climate, she's particularly poised to preserve and defend Latinx culture.
"Just seeing all of the debates and me and my family around talking," she said at the time. "Now and forevermore, I’m going to stick up for immigrants and I’m going to stick up for Hispanic people and their rights. I feel like that’s just my job."
Doesn't sound like someone who's going to change her name anytime soon.

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