These Girl Scout Cookie Doughnuts Are Absolute Perfection

This story was originally published on February 23, 2017.
They say you can have too much of a good thing, but that platitude just doesn't apply when you're talking about Girl Scout cookies. That's the only explanation why we feel compelled not only to stock our pantries with boxes and boxes every winter despite ever-growing prices, but also to make gum, cereal, and other delicious treats out of them.
How is it even possible, then, that we've never had Girl Scout cookie doughnuts until recently? It's an idea whose time is long overdue, and thankfully, Broad Street Dough Co in Oakhurst, New Jersey has stepped in to fill this gaping void in the Girl Scout cookie-inspired food market.
The doughnuts not only look and taste like Girl Scout cookies themselves but also have cookies on top of them (as we said, no such thing as too much). They're stuffed smack in the middle of the doughnut holes. And as if that weren't mouth-watering enough, they come in the three absolute best flavors.
The Tagalong doughnut is topped with a chocolate layer, which in turn sits below a big clump of peanut butter with a cookie stuck in it. The Samoa one has a similar three-layer arrangement, with a caramel-coconut-chocolate concoction — just like the cookie — topped with Bavarian cream holding (you guessed it) a Samoa.
Don't worry — they would never betray us by leaving out the classic Thin Mints. But these ones are shorter in height, with a mix of melted chocolate, mint glaze, and chocolate crunchies below the cookie.
The shop's owner Desdemona Dalia takes these seriously (as she should), telling Cosmopolitan she stocks up on thousands of Girl Scout cookie boxes per year. That provides her with enough ingredients to sell doughnuts until July. We sincerely hope she also gets to enjoy some herself. After gracing the world with a gift like this, she deserves it.

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