Girl Scout Cookies Are About To Get More Expensive

Photo: Courtesy of Girl Scouts.
We didn't think it was possible, but we're more excited than ever about Girl Scout season this year. The Scout's two new s'mores-flavored cookies are what have us barely keeping it together until the best time of the year officially kicks off. However, even with all this anticipation, there's one thing that has damped our spirits a bit about this year's cookie sales. According to Money, the price of the cookies is getting yet another boost.
Back in February 2015, many places saw an increase in cookie cost from $3.50 to $4 per box, and some areas reached a record high of $5 per box in 2016. For a while, councils in Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, and Arizona had the highest rates. Unfortunately, this year, even more councils are following their lead. According to the Girl Scout website, local councils are responsible for setting the cookie prices based on their "needs and knowledge of local markets." That's why this increase hasn't been uniform across the country, but many markets will experience a 25% spike in price this season.
Money reports that this increase isn't all bad. Raising prices from $4 to $5 now will hopefully help councils avoid implementing more cost increases for a good while. We would also argue that $5 is a reasonable amount to drop on these most delicious cookies that come but once a year. Especially when 75% of the profits go straight to your local council.

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