The Star Of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Is All Grown Up & Making Music

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX/Shutterstock
Back in the day, Ned Bigby was the coolest middle schooler to walk the planet. With his notebook of tips and tricks necessary to make it through the three (occasionally torturous) years of middle school, who wouldn't want Ned to sit at their lunch table?
Alas, the Nickelodeon series ended nearly 10 years ago (what is time?!) and the guy who played Ned is no longer a pre-teen. 25-year-old Devon Werkheiser is now a YouTuber with his own series, "Devon's Life Survival Guide." He's also a musician who just released a super fun, Jason Mraz-esque song "Crowns." The new track is accompanied by a music video, featuring the aged-up Werkheiser. You might be surprised how much you're into Ned Bigby all grown-up.
The new music video follows Werkheiser as he walks down Hollywood Boulevard and the Venice Beach boardwalk, somehow managing to avoid the stares of former fans of Ned's Declassified. He also hands out paper crowns to fellow sidewalk dwellers, which makes sense considering his song's refrain: "You were made to be queen, so let's remember our crowns."
Umm, you're speaking my language, Werkheiser. At the end of the video, the musician includes a scene with his real-life girlfriend, Sara Montez. Guess we know who he's referring to when he talks about his queen.
In addition to the video for "Crowns," the actor has numerous acoustic tracks available for your listening pleasure, including one stripped-down version of his most recent song. Now all we need is for Moze (Lindsey Shaw) and Cookie (Daniel Curtis Lee) to guest on his next track. (Hey, former Nick kids can hope, can't they? I say call 'em up, Werkheiser.)
Werkheiser may have been your middle school crush (or just survival guide), but he might also be your next favorite singer-songwriter. Thanks, YouTube, for this gift.

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