This Dentist Has A Genius Way Of Keeping His Patients Entertained During Appointments

Let's face it: Going to the dentist is a drag. Even if you're passionate about your dental hygiene, we've all encountered that hygienist who pokes a little too hard at your gums during a cleaning and then scolds you for "not flossing enough," drawing enough blood to traumatize you forever.
That's why one dentist in the UK is trying to make things a little more enjoyable for his patients, one ceiling tile at a time. Reddit user mtmannion posted a photo earlier this month of his local dentist's office, which has a "Where's Wally?" (that's "Where's Waldo?" for Americans) poster on part of the ceiling.
The dentist, whose office is located in Rugeley, Staffordshire in England, had the poster put on his ceiling to help patients stay entertained while they're in his chair.
Michael Mannion, the Reddit user, told the Huffington Post that he thought it was a pretty thoughtful gesture.
"The poster was probably put up for children specifically, but I know it would calm me down and distract me no matter what age I was," Mannion told the Huffington Post. "They only have one room for examinations, so all patients will see it."
It's a genius idea to keep patients occupied — after all, it's pretty difficult to read a book or scroll through Twitter while you're in the dentist's chair (unless you're willing to play Twister with your dentist's arms). Of course, if you happen to go to the dentist fairly often, you'd probably get tired of playing the same game of Where's Waldo over and over again, but it's still better than staring at an empty wall.

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