Kim Kardashian Shares Touching Home Video Of Her Dad Gifting Her A Car

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
If Robert Kardashian were still alive, yesterday would have been his 73rd birthday. To mark the occasion, Kim Kardashian shared a throwback video featuring her and her dad.
The video features Kardashian and her father, surrounded by family and friends, on her 16th birthday. And while it might seem like celebrities are nothing like us, people who were once teens in America will appreciate Kim's sweet 16 surprise. Her father presented her with a car for her birthday.
"I told Kimberly that she's getting a car, and she's afraid that I got her a Camaro," Robert Kardashian teases in the clip. "Kimberly's afraid that's what she's getting for her birthday, and she's so scared, I feel her shaking now. But we got her a different kind of car. But it's outside, so if you want to go look at it, unless you're too scared to look at it..." The home video then cuts to an ecstatic teen Kim, screaming with joy at the sight of her new ride: a white BMW.
The dad jokes didn't stop with the Camaro, either. Robert Kardashian also suggested that he hoped his daughter would take up drinking so that he'd have an excuse to take the car back.
"Hi Kimberly, I hope you enjoy your brand-new automobile today... I can't wait 'til you start smoking, or you start drinking, and I can take your car away, and I can keep it. So, hopefully, I can get you drunk so I can keep the car," Robert Kardashian jokes in the video. "Happy birthday. You're the best. You are gorgeous. You deserve this automobile. And it better be clean every week."
There's one aspect of Kim Kardashian you'll recognize in the clip, though. After getting in the BMW, she giddily exclaims, "Can I have the keys? We're going to Prada!"
Check out a teaser from the video below; the full version is available on Kardashian's website and app.
Kardashian also shared an old family photo on Twitter to honor her father. Her siblings shared posts remembering their father, too.

Happy birthday dad woohoo! Wish you were here to meet Dream???

A post shared by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Happy birthday to the most handsome, funniest, sweetest, best daddy in the world! #MoustacheOnFleek

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

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