MAC Just Teased The Best — & Shadiest — Makeup Palette Ever

There once was a time — a foolish time — when we believed that one could recognize a basic bitch on sight. There was a checklist of sorts; a scantron’s worth of qualifications. Is she wearing Uggs? Is there a Starbucks cup in his hand? Does she claim to be a total Carrie? Has he posted a picture of latte art on his Instagram within the last two weeks? We’re smarter now. We know that the basic bitch can take on many forms. They blend right in; you might not even be able to identify them in a crowd. Who knows? There could be one sitting right next to you. Hell, you could be one. But there's an upside to being branded with the label — and that upside is an eyeshadow palette. A nude eyeshadow palette. (In addition to all the others the basic bitch already owns. The basic bitch dies for nude eyeshadow palettes.)
Spotted backstage at Milan Fashion Week, MAC’s Basic Bitch palette is here to feed right into your most base basic needs. Netta Szekely, a senior makeup artist with the brand, gave us a look at the goods on her Instagram yesterday, and we like what we see — eight new shadows, from a soft slate-gray called Me Me Me to Hell In Heels, a dark plum. There’s also a larger pan devoted to a pearly peach shade, appropriately named Love This Bitch, which looks like it’d make an excellent highlighter. We asked MAC if basics everywhere could safely start their countdowns to the palette’s release, and the brand told us it’s just being tested for now. If they’re testing to see how many of us will crawl out from the woodwork and walk among the more interesting people, sipping on skinny frappuccinos and texting our friends about This Is Us until we can finally add the palette to our well-stocked collection, then it’s already a success, considering the Instagram has nearly 2,000 likes.

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