Mama June Takes The Plunge Into Online Dating

Photo: Courtesy of WEtv.
Mama June: From Not to Hot will document June Shannon's physical and emotional journey as she loses an enormous amount of weight via gastric bypass surgery and the help of a personal trainer. In a new sneak peek on Us Weekly, we learn the reason behind Shannon's desire to drastically transform her appearance: her ex Sugar Bear (a.k.a. Mike) is getting married.
Shannon wants to look good for the wedding and bring a date, so she books a consultation with a weight loss surgeon and makes herself a dating app profile. In the clip, we see the the scene that unfolds when Shannon shares her first dating prospect, Jeff, with her family.
"Everybody's on me about getting a date for Sugar Bear's wedding," she explains of why she started swiping. "I finally found one, and everybody's up on my ass. What the hell?" She says to her family, "Y'all had the idea at lunch for me to get a hot, 'smexy' guy for Sugar's wedding. And I only got a couple months, and so I got to get started now."
Shannon shows the app to her older sister Doe Doe. "Let me tell you, you need to try this. You hit 'yes' or 'no,' and you just go back and forth and look. The dude that I chose is a dude named Jeff." (The app is not one that we're familiar with, and it kind of looks like a fake app interface created for the show.)
Shannon's daughters give their mom a hard time. Pumpkin jokes, "You haven't been on a date in like what, 12 years? The last time you had a date he probably had to call you on a rotary phone."
And Alana, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, has questions. "How did you meet this dude, anyways?" she asks. "Is it the one where you shop for guys, and you swipe left and right?" An alarmed Shannon answers, "How do you know about that?!" Classic Alana. The 11-year-old is already on Twitter.
Mama June: From Not to Hot premieres on WE tv on Friday, February 24, at 10 p.m. EST.

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