Anna Kendrick Won't Be In Your Bridal Party & She's Not Even Sorry

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As much as I oooh and ahhh over weddings that look like they were ripped from Lauren Conrad's inspiration board, the actual act of planning a wedding seems completely and utterly exhausting. While it makes plenty of sense for the bride or groom to be fussing over flowers and centerpieces, it's often the people in the wedding party who are on the receiving end of a number of wedding-related tasks.
While it's obviously a huge honor to be asked to join your loved one in their matrimony celebration, I understand why it's oh-so-tempting to pass it up. (Especially when you're four stores in and still can't find that perfect peony dress.)
One person who gets it? Anna Kendrick.
While the Pitch Perfect actress might seem like exactly the celebrity you'd want at your wedding — she's charming, would give a funny speech, and even her drunk singing wouldn't be the worst — her interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers revealed that she's not so into the wedding thing. In fact, the Table 19 star would pretty much do anything to make sure she's never asked to be a bridesmaid, and that includes avoiding friendships.
"It's like watching your friends put on a little pageant...I feel like I've potentially avoided making very close female friends 'cause I don't want to be a bridesmaid. If you put me on an email chain, and tell me I have to wear ballet pink nail polish, I will kill you where you stand. It's a deal-breaker."
(Side note: The cast of Pitch Perfect seems pretty tight, no? Did Kendrick just reveal that she's not actually as close with her co-stars? Going to put back the pieces of my fractured heart, BRB.)
To be fair to Kendrick, this lady is busy: With the threequel to Pitch Perfect on its way and a slew of other movies on the horizon, she doesn't exactly have the time to dedicate to bridal showers and dress fittings. So while she may be your celebrity BFF, but don't count on her to hold your train as you walk down the aisle: Kendrick is not about that life.

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